Our Team

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Ashley Janssen, Co-founder & CEO

Ashley is Code and Effect’s Chief Executive Officer and company evangelist. A long time entrepreneur, writer, and community advocate, Ashley specializes in strategic planning, operational consulting, and business development. Ashley’s superpower is creating structure in chaos which she shares through one-on-one consulting, her blog and public speaking. She is a board member for Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS), and volunteers as a mentor for several other community organizations.

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Dana Janssen, Co-founder & COO

Dana is Code and Effect’s Chief Operations Officer and lead consultant. A veteran technology entrepreneur, he has developed, managed, and consulted on countless successful software projects. Dana’s superpower is seeing the big picture and understanding how the small details drive towards the desired result. He writes about consulting, project management, and development at https://danaj.blog.

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Matthew Riemer, Co-founder & CTO

Matt is Code and Effect’s Chief Technology Officer and lead developer. He specializes in quickly and effectively deploying software solutions that alleviate the pain our customers are feeling. Matt’s superpower is execution and focus. He knows the ins and outs of development like few others, and can combine that with his entrepreneurial experience to deliver exceptional results.