What do we do?

We design, develop, and improve mobile and web applications with Ruby on Rails. We're different from other shops because of our repeatable process, our structured communication, and the values we live and work by.

Our Story

Formerly AgileStyle, we rebranded to Code and Effect in 2017 to reflect our core services and to act as a daily reminder of why we come into the office every day: to work on things we care passionately about that have far-reaching and positive effects for our customers.


Our Core Values

Relationships First
All our success is traceable to the relationships we've started and cultivated. Reputation, trust, reliability: it doesn't matter what label we use to measure them. They always come first.

Give a Damn
You either do or you don’t, and we surround ourselves with people that do. It means doing what we say we will, going that extra mile, or pushing back hard when that extra mile is a mistake.

Do the Right Amount
It's easy to over-engineer or not consider the impact on the future. We always strive to do the just right amount of thinking and execution. Then we reflect on the result, and do it again.

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Example Organizations We Work With

A small business that needs to replace their spreadsheets with actionable forms, reports, and tools.

A non-profit that needs to provide support and training to thousands of people with limited resources.

A brick and mortar business that needs to expand into e-commerce to continue growing.

A professional association that needs to serve their membership more effectively.

An entrepreneur that needs structure and tools for driving their own accountability.

An organization that needs software to assist hundreds of their clients to make decisions.


"Secret Sauce"

We work using repeatable and structured consulting services.
We also publish how we do it, our "secret sauce" if you will, for anyone to read: